The pre-built Windows binaries require Windows 7 or later and a local installation of MiKTeX 2.9.
They don’t work together with the MiKTeX Portable Edition.

Linux Binary Packages

Some Linux distributions provide pre-built binary packages of dvisvgm. In most cases, they are available from the official repositories.

On Fedora, you can install the binary with dnf:
sudo dnf install texlive-dvisvgm
On Ubuntu, an old version of dvisvgm is part of package texlive-extra-utils which can be installed with
sudo apt install texlive-extra-utils
OpenSuSE offers binary packages too. To install dvisvgm use yast or zypper:
sudo zypper install texlive-dvisvgm
On Gentoo Linux use emerge to install dvisvgm:
emerge dvisvgm

Previous releases

Previous releases of dvisvgm can be downloaded from the release section at GitHub.
If you're looking for even older versions (1.9 and below), you'll find them here.

Build dvisvgm from the sources

In order to build dvisvgm from the sources, you need to install the development files of the following libraries. They are part of nearly all Linux distributions and can be easily installed using the respective package manager.

  • Clipper
    To compute the intersection of two curved paths, dvisvgm flattens the paths to polygons, intersects them using a slightly modified version of Clipper, and reconstructs the curves afterwards. A modified version of the library is bundled with the sources.
  • FontForge library
    dvisvgm can be built with optional WOFF support that allows to embed the font data in WOFF or TrueType format rather than as SVG. The FontForge library provides the required functions to create font files in these formats. A reduced version of the library is bundled with the dvisvgm sources. It's also available separately at GitHub.
  • FreeType library
    This library is used to extract the glyph outlines from vector fonts.
  • Ghostscript
    dvisvgm optionally supports the evaluation of PostScript snippets embedded in DVI files. To enable this feature, you need the Ghostscript library (version 8.31 or newer).
  • kpathsea library
    In order to find files in the large texmf tree quickly, Karl Berry's kpathsea library is used by default. Most TeX distributions include the necessary files or provide an appropriate interface.
  • potrace library
    The font embedding module of dvisvgm uses Peter Selinger’s potrace library to vectorize Metafont’s bitmap output if corresponding Type 1 fonts cannot be found.
  • ttfautohint library
    dvisvgm can optionally be built with ttfautohint support to replace the autohinting functionality of FontForge. Since it's still an experimental feature, ttfautohint support is disabled by default. To enable it, run configure with option --with-ttfautohint.
  • woff2 and brotli
    These Google libraries are bundled with the dvisvgm sources. They are used to create WOFF2 from TrueType fonts.
  • zlib
    zlib is required to create compressed .svgz files.

For further information see the README and INSTALL files coming with the source archive.